Achondroplasia – Symptoms, precautions, treatments

More formally known as chondrodystrophia foetalis, the development disorder of cartilage in the growthplate of
bones is one of several causes of dwarfism. Inherited as a dorninant genotic trait, it begins to develop after the eighth week of conception so the condition usually is recognizable at birth. Abnormal proliferation at the growth plate produces short bones that are disproportionately thick.

The characteristic appearance is one of short limbs with a normal length spinal cord and trunk accompanied by a large head, saddle nose, and exaggerated curvature of the spine. Those who qurvive infancy have normal mental and sexual development and a normal life span. The small pelvises of women with achondroplasia may make it necessary for them to be delivered by cesarean section if they become pregnant.

Acnondroplasia, one cause of dwarfism, is charactertzed by a large head, short limbs, and a curvature of the lower back.

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