Acne – Disease

Approximately 8 out of every 10 growing youngsters can expect to develop at least mild or occasional acne during adolescence, and for about 20 percent the condition may be severe or may persist well past the teens.

The typical “acne decade” lasts from about ages 12 to 22, but some children may develop acne as early

Acne is not a normal by-product of puberty — even though more than 80 percent of teen-agers may expect to show some signs of it at one time or another.

as age nine, and for some the condition may last into their thirties.  Early onset of acne is not an indication that the condition will run a long course, but some researchers have found that the case histories of severe acne sufferers often show early onset of the disease, coupled with a family history of severe acne.   Even so, it is impossible to make any predictions in individual cases; a number of early acne sufferers with an adverse family history go on to develop only mild or short-lived symptoms.

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