Acupuncture – The Vessels

Added to these 12 meridians are eight vessels that in acupuncture theory store up the excess of energy, to restore it to circulation when needed. They are as follows:
1. The governing vessel. This is the meridian Tu MO, of moral and intellectual energy. It is a Yang meridian.
2. The vessel of conception. This is the meridian Jenn MO, of the genitourinary organs, digestive functions, and respiratory functions. It is a Yin meridian.

These two meridians communicate between themselves, but are independent of the others. Finally there are six vessels called the Marvelous Vessels, Extraordinary Vessels, or Curious Meridians: three Yang ones—Yang Keo, Yang Oe, and Tae MO; three Yin ones—Yin Oe, Chong MO and In Keo.

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