Adolescence – Diet in the Teen Years

At this period of the “growth spurt” it is perfectly normal to have a big appetite. Often the teen-ager surprises everyone by the amount of food he can eat. Generally, a teen-ager has well-established likes and dislikes and usually chooses his own foods. Unfortunately, however, adolescents often are careless about food selection at meals and tend to neglect fruits, vegetables and milk. Nutritious foods are especially important at this period, though.

Milk shakes and malteds are highly recommended at snack time because they contain many nutrients. In addition, snacks like fruits, raisins, cheese and crackers, and nuts are nutritious and tasty. Since obesity in adults not infrequently has its origin during the teen years, weight watching at this time in life may provide lasting
Neither child nor adult, the adolescent is too old  for the comfort of children’s games, yet too  young to assume mature responsibilities. At  this time, pressured by their many-faceted teen-age needs, they are aware of a disquieting companion: self-doubt.

If a teen-ager is slightly over-weight, he should try to cut down On the total amount of food eaten each day while maintaining a good program of physical activity. Eating a good breakfast is very important and actually helps to control weight; without breakfast there may be a tendency to make up for the missed meal by overeating at lunch or filling up on calorie-rich foods between meals.

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