Adrenogenital Syndrome – Treatment

Cortisone treatment is given to both males and females to suppress the abnormally high secretion of pituitary corticotropin (ACTH). With this treatment, signs of mas- culinization in females recede, and the patient’s figure becomes feminine at puberty.

Plastic surgery enables patients to lead a satisfactory sex life. Sometimes, however, the more severely masculinized females are assumed to be males, and reared as boys. Later, when the mistake is discovered, psychiatric help is needed to help with sexual identity problems, although it is difficult to change psychological sex after the early years. The diagnosis is usually established at birth, though, and these complications are avoided.

Treatment is less complicated in the male. Normal growth and sexual function develop after cortisone therapy.

Adrenogenital Syndrome - Adult
Adrenogenital Syndrome - Congenital

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