Headache and Migraines: When to see the Doctor

Many people are reluctant to see their doctor or ask for help when experiencing a headache. Since you can’t see
the cause of the pain, you may feel that your headache isn’t serious enough for treatment.

Do your headaches interfere with everyday activities? Are you using more and more medications without feeling
any real relief? Do you take medication even before a headache strikes out of fear that one will? Do your family
and friends get upset when you miss more and more events with them? Your answers to these questions can help you
decide if it is time for a doctor’s help. Mild headaches at one time or another are quite common, and many do not
require medical attention. If you have not eaten for several hours or did not sleep very well the night before, a meal or a nap may remedy your headache. Some over-the-counter medicine from the drug store may also help you.

If you keep getting headaches, however, and nothing you do seems to help, call your doctor. He or she can help
you figure out whether your headaches are a temporary annoyance or a long-term condition that requires some
form of treatment.

In the past, some doctors often didn’t take their patients seriously and believed headache pain was “all in the
patient’s head.” But not anymore. Specialized headache clinics now exist to help sufferers manage their pain and
more doctors and clinicians are devoting their practices to the research and study of headaches.

It is important to take your headaches and migraines seriously. It is just as important to find a doctor who Will
also take them seriously. There are many medications and treatments available today that can provide relief. Some
can even prevent future migraines and headaches from occurring. Although migraines cannot be cured, their pain
can be greatly reduced. There is no need to suffer from head pain.

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