Liver Hepatic lesions Symptoms

Hepar lobatum—irregular lobation of the liver due to scarring caused by syphilitic inflammation is shown in Figure below. Liver hepatic lesions symptoms.

Hepatic Lesions symptomsHepatic lesion symptoms

 Hepar lobatum viewed from above and below. This was an incidental finding in a post-mortem performed
in Brisbane, Australia, in 1974, on a male aged 61 years.

Microscopic examination of liver hepatic lesions symptoms

Microscopically, the scarring fibrosis is seen and the vessels show endarteritis obliterans of the small arteries (see Fig. below).

Hepatic lesions sectionhepatic lesion
 Section of a hepar lobatum shows the presence of wide bands of fibrous tissue dissecting the normal liver parenchyma and endarteritis obliterans of small arteries.

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